Used 49000kW GE Natural Gas Generator

Price (USD): $9,922,500.00
Item#: USP009186
Wattage: 49,000 kW
Make/Model: GE LM6000 PC
Year of Mfr: 2004
Hours: ~59000 Hours
Fuel Type: Natural Gas
Frequency: 50 Hz
Additional Info:
Manufacturer	GE
Model	LM6000 PC
Power	49MWe
Rated Speed	3627 RPM
Year Manufactured	2004
EFH 	59.836 hrs
Package PFH	101.410 hrs
Package PFS	5610
Gas Turbine - 1_Generator	
Manufacturer	BRUSH
	BDAX 7-290ERJ
Power	59.530 kVA
Voltage	11.000 V
Current	3124 A
Rated Speed	3000 RPM
Cos ᵠ	0.85
Frequency	50 Hz
Insulation Class	F
Year Manufactured	1996
Gas Turbine - 1_Gearbox	
Manufacturer	LUFKIN
Model	NFV02419C
Year Manufactured	1996
Rated Speed	3627/3000
Manufacturer	SIEMENS
Model	NK50/80
Power	27MWe
Rated Speed	5636 RPM
Year Manufactured	2000
Manufacturer	RENK
Model	TB800
Year Manufactured	2000
Rated Speed	5636/1500
Manufacturer	SFL B.V.
Year Manufactured	1996
HP Pressure	52 Bara
HP Heating Surface Area	18.050 m²
HP Steaming Capacity	42.2 t/h (52 Bara and 430°C)
LP Pressure	6.2 Bara
LP Heating Surface Area	11,038 m²
LP Steaming Capacity	12.4 t/h (6.2 Bara and 220°C)

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