Used 81000kW GE Natural Gas Generator

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Item#: USP008927
Wattage: 81,000 kW
Make/Model: GE PG6111
Year of Mfr: 2011
Hours: Low Hours
Fuel Type: Natural Gas
Frequency: 50 Hz
Additional Info:
Unused 81MW Gas Turbine Geneset

Turbine and Generator make: GE
Manufacturing year: 2011
Type:Simple cycle type

(Gas turbine)
Make: GE
Year: 2011
Model: PG6111
Output: 81000KW
Inlet pressure: 1.47MPa
Exaust pressure: 12.25kPa
The number of compressing stages:1 8
The number of turbine stages: 3 stages
Design ambient temperature: 50 ℃
Inlet temperature:1 431 ℃
Exaust temperature: 589 ℃
Turbine speed: 5231 rpm
Heat rate(Btu/kWh): 9760
Heat rate:(kJ/kWh); 10300
Pressure ratio: 15.6:1
Mass flow(kg/sec): 203
Efficiency: 35%

Make: GE
Year: 2011
Voltage: 11000V
Electric output rate: 77000KW
Frequency: 50HZ
Speed: 3000rpm
Maximum ambient temperature: 40 ℃
Minimum ambient temperature: -1 ℃
Maxiumun cooling temperature: 51 ℃
Stator mass:approximately 79ton
Rotor mass:approximately 28ton
Rotor complete mass:approximately 145ton

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