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USP&E has an enormous supply of new and used HFO powerplants, HFO generators, diesel generators, natural gas turbines, Cat generators, Cummins generators, and a large selection of generator accessories. We ship all size of generators around the world. We even have experience loading air planes with power generators the same day and sending them to the far reaches of the planet for clients in urgent need. Whatever you ask, be sure of one thing: We will do whatever it takes to make sure that we deliver way more than you expect. Call us today at +27 (0)65 744 1119 or email [email protected] and allow us to serve you by discussing your power application in detail and then preparing a quote for your review. Thank you for your interest in our HFO, diesel and natural gas generators and gensets and WELCOME to our website inventory.

28 Generators

Item#: USP008288

800 kW 1999 XQ 800 Diesel Generator

Low Hours. 500.00gal Fuel Tank, Sound Attenuated Enclosure, 800kW Caterpillar XQ 800 Ratings: 800kW, Prime...


Item#: USP009068

800 kW 1994 800R0ZD77 Diesel Generator

~600 Hours。 60 Hz, (3) Kohler 800KW Generators 1994 Kohler。。。


Item#: USP008152

750 kW 16V92 Diesel Generator

Low Hours. 60 Hz, 750kW DETROIT DIESEL Genset ENGINE: 16V92...


Item#: USP008581

750 kW 1989 3508 DITA Diesel Generator

60 Hz, Caterpillar 3508 DITA Diesel 750KW Gensets...


Item#: USP008627

750 kW 2006 KTA38G5 Diesel Generator

~9000 Hours. Available for sale: 1ST UNIT: RUNNING HOUR...


Item#: USP008814

750 kW 12V2000G85-TB Diesel Generator

60 Hz, Surplus New MTU 12V2000G85-TB Diesel Generator...


Item#: USP008877

750 kW 1998 QST30-G1 Diesel Generator

~100 Hours. 60 Hz, CUMMINS QST30-G1 750KW 60HZ 1998-100HOURS only...

Item#: USP008897

750 kW 2004 12V2000G83 Generator

Low Hours。 60 Hz, MTU 12V2000G83 750KW 60HZ 2004-43HOURS ENGINE。。。


Item#: USP009133

635 kW 2012 JGS312 Natural Gas Generator

Low Hours。 50 Hz, 2x Jenbacher JGS312,year:2012,each unit。。。


Item#: USP008304

610 kW 2002 600ROZD4 Diesel Generator

Low Hours. 660.00gal Fuel Tank, No Enclosure, 60 Hz, 610kW Kohler 600ROZD4 Diesel Genset Ratings:...


Item#: USP008832

600 kW 2007 QST30G2 Diesel Generator

Low Hours。 50 Hz, 2 x Used Cummins QST30G2 industrial generator。。。


Item#: USP008676

500 kW 1997 3412C DITA Marine Diesel Generator

Low Hours. 60 Hz, 1 x Used Caterpillar 3412C DITA Marine...

Item#: USP008836

500 kW 2001 3412C-DITA Diesel Generator

~700 Hours。 60 Hz, 1 x Used Caterpillar 3412C-DITA Marine。。。


Item#: USP008762

500 kW 2005 KTA-19G4 Generator

~400 Hours. 50 Hz, 2005 Cummins KTA-19G4 500kW Onan 12lead 480V...

Item#: USP008880

500 kW 2002 TAD1631GE Generator

Low Hours. 50 Hz, VOLVO PENTA TAD1631GE 478KW 1500RPM 546KW...


Item#: USP008910

500 kW 3412 Generator

~600 Hours. 60 Hz, Generator size: 500 Engine model: CAT 3412...

Item#: USP008920

495 kW 2012 MGDF 7116B1047W Diesel Generator

60 Hz, Engine Details Manufacturer: Perkins (Silent...


Item#: USP008861

450 kW 2011 PERKINS 2506C Generator

~500 Hours. 50 Hz, PERIN (PERKINS 2506C)500KVA 50HZ SILENT...


Item#: USP008364

400 kW 1997 3406TA Diesel Generator

Low Hours。 800。00gal Fuel Tank, Weather Enclosure, 60 Hz, 400kw Model Year 1997 60hz 1800 RPM Model。。。


Item#: USP007970

360 kW 1988 KTTA19G Diesel Generator

Low Hours. No Enclosure, 50 Hz, 1 x Used Cummins KTTA19G Industrial generator...


Item#: USP008784

355 kW 2000 KTA19G4 Generator

~20000 Hours. 50 Hz, 1 x Used Cummins KTA19G4 Generator set with...


Item#: USP008420

352 kW 2000 DCA400SSK Diesel Generator

Low Hours. 129.00gal Fuel Tank, Sound Attenuated Enclosure, 60 Hz, 352kW MQ Power DCA400SSK Diesel Genset...


Item#: USP009021

350 kW 2013 XQ350 Diesel Generator

~5785 Hours. 60 Hz, Caterpillar XQ350 powered by CAT C13 Industrial...


Item#: USP008431

300 kW 1989 6V-92GDTA-300 Diesel Generator

Low Hours. 225.00gal Fuel Tank, Weather Enclosure, 60 Hz, 300kW Detroit 6V-92GDTA-300 Ratings: 300kW, 3...


Item#: USP008494

300 kW D353TA Diesel Generator

Low Hours。 60 Hz, 300kW Used Caterpillar D353TA Industrial Genset。。。


Item#: USP008917

250 kW 2016 1600 Generator

~3000 Hours. 60 Hz,


Item#: USP008435

230 kW 2006 DFAB-5750286 Diesel Generator

Low Hours. No Enclosure, 60 Hz, Cummins DFAB-5750286 Ratings: 230kW, Prime...


Item#: USP008145

195 kW 6090HF485 Generator

Low Hours. 195kW JOHN DEERE Diesel Genset ENGINE:...


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