New 32000kW MAN HFO Generator

Non EPA Certified - Can NOT be Shipped To or Used In the USA
Price (USD): $15,225,000.00
Item#: USP008980
Wattage: 32,000 kW
Make/Model: MAN MAN 18V32/40 CD
Year of Mfr: 2018
Hours: New!
Fuel Type: HFO
Frequency: 50 Hz
EPA Standard: Non-US
Enclosure: Open Skid
Non EPA Certified - Can NOT be Shipped To or Used In the USA
Additional Info:


Engine model: MAN 18V32/40 CD (8MW x 4) and complete BoP - highly efficient engines.
Number of hours: 0 - Since new
Overall condition: Excellent

Available new surplus 32MW HFO power station (11kV 50Hz) for immediate sale! Complete 32MW Power Station and all Balance of Plant with all system, electrical, P&ID engineering 100% complete. All equipment is brand new, still in OEM packing and stored in warehouses ready to be shipped with OEM equipment warranties still intact. Has never been used. Looking for buyers.  USP&E can install, commission, operate and maintain this plant.

The equipment available is essentially a complete 32MW HFO power station with the only missing items are buildings / tanks / some piping materials / general installation consumables and of course civil works and localised engineering to ensure compliance to local codes and regulations.

Available: the plant's SLDs along with the control architecture and the main system P&ID’s.

The main engine performance parameters as follows:
-Continuous power at 100% load – 8748kWe per ISO 3046
*Specific Fuel Consumption (SFOC) at 100% load – 192.9 g/kWhe. (Per ISO 3046 and using fuel with Net Calorific Value (NCV) of 42,700 kJ/kg.
*Lube Oil Consumption – 5.4kg/h

All equipment is brand new, never used or installed and currently in original OEM packaging, under clean and dry storage or still packed in OEM packed containers. Majority of items are complete and immediately available.
The 18V32/40 CD engines themselves were manufactured in 2010 but have never left the MAN factory. Many original OEM equipment warranties will be transferrable as all equipment is essentially new.

USP&E works exclusively with owners of large new/surplus and ultra-low hour power generation plants and facilities. We also relocate, install, commission, and offer LTSAs (O&M contracts) with guarantees. USP&E can offer full finance under IPP for Thermal and Solar Hybrid power stations, HFO Power Plants, Gas Turbine Power Plants, and Renewable Power Plants.

Contact USP&E at: [email protected]

Non EPA Certified - Can NOT be Shipped To or Used In the USA

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Equipment is sold as is. EXW warehouse. Subject to prior sale. Shipping quotes available upon request.
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