New 2080kW MTU Onsite Energy Diesel Generator

Price (USD): $829,500.00
Item#: USP008803
Wattage: 2,080 kW
Make/Model: MTU Onsite Energy 164000P63
Year of Mfr: 2014
Hours: New!
Fuel Type: Diesel
Frequency: 60 Hz
Additional Info:
Unused 2080KW Diesel Emergency Power Generator
# This Diesel Emergency Power Generator was for
off-shore oil rig originally.

Type: Package type
Make: MTU(Germany)

Manufacturing year: 2014

Model: 164000P63

Quantity:1 unit


(Site data)

Ambient temp: Min,-7 , Max. 25

Humidity(% R.H): Min. 28, Max. 100


(Engine data)

Continuous rated capacity: 2080kW

Rated RPM: 1500

Cycles: 4

Rated BMEP: 21.8 barg

Minimum RPM: 1500

Overspeed trip: 1725 rpm

Turbocharger: 0-50000 rpm

No of cylinders: 16

Bore: 170mm

Stroke: 210mm

Configuration: V type

Fuel rate(kg/kWh) at rated load: 0.197

Fuel rate(kg/kWh) at 75% load: 0.199

Fuel rate(kg/kWh) at 50% load: 0.205

Cylinder liners type: Wet

No. of rings & size of compression: 3&18.7 bar

Exhaust valve: No. 2

Inlet valve: No.2

Exhaust manifold: wet type, Cooled type

Vibration dampers: Exist

Torsional calculation: Exist


(Generator data)

Capacity: 1950kWe

Make: MTU


Volt: 690V

Phase: 3 phase

Frequency: 50HZ


(Starting system)

Primary: electric starting system

Secondary:Hydraulic starting system

Electric equipment make:

Bosch Slidinggear starter motor

Battery capacity:Amph apprpx. 250(2 x100%)

Hydraulic equipment make:Huegli


(Fuel system)

Diesel type: Diesel oil

Tank:Sized for 18 hours at full load

Water separator: Exist

Oil filter: Exist



Type: Constant speed

Make: MTU

Speed range:1400~1600rpm

Tachometer: electrical type


(Auxiliary equipment)


Lube oil pump: integral type,

Drive: engine drive

Capa.: 42m3/h

Jacket water pump: Exist

Drive:engine drive


(Atmospheric Emissions)

Content O2 in combustion 8.4%

NOx: 7g/kWh

Unburnt Hydrocarbons VOC:0.09 g/kWh

CO2:612 g/kWh

CO:1 g/kWh

#Original purchase price: 4,000,000 USD

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