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Contact Us - HFO Powerplants - Diesel Generators - Gas Turbines

USP&E Contact Information

SA Office:
+27 (0)10 003 0707

Atrium on 5th, Floor 9
Sandton, 2196
Gauteng, South Africa

Sales (Whatsapp preferred):
+27 (0)65 744 1119

Finance and Accounting:
+1 612 803 8112

Human Resources / Careers :
+27 (0)71 810-2348

Should you have any enquiries about our company, our power generation equipment services and the extent of these services, please fill in the contact form below. We will respond to your message quickly and, in most cases, remit a technical proposal within 24 hours.

If you are looking for affordable prices on power plant solutions, including power station O&M, diesel generators, HFO power plants, containerized HFO power stations, used diesel generators or marine diesel generators, fill out the contact form。 USP&E is dedicated to professional on-time delivery when it comes to our clients, no matter where you are located。 Get in touch with us today。

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