USP&E Performance Reporting

Utilizing time-tested processes and reporting software that is the most advanced in the field of power plant management, your USP&E site technicians are trained to provide daily fuel efficiency results, project management spreadsheets, installation punch lists, power station reports, urgent spare parts required reports, power plant inventory reports and weekly work accomplished reports. Whereas many companies provide one or two of these reports but only upon request, USP&E believes in proactive, regular and thorough communication with Site Management. Info related to generators, switchgear, fuel consumption, spares management, staff training, and scheduled maintenance calendars is available to our clients in real time via an online, web-based, password-protected access portal. Our clients can log in via any computer in the world and with their USP&E user name and password can view and download their reports in real time. These reports include:

  1. Power Station Summary Report-at-a-Glance table gives a brief overview of USP&E Men on Site, Daily Work Achieved, Injuries Sustained, Days Without Incident, Parts Needed Urgently, Weekly and Annualized Fuel Consumption / kwh, Savings Achieved and Ongoing Construction, Installation, Upgrade and Overhaul Projects we are actively managing.
  2. USP&E's Weekly, Monthly and Annualized Fuel Savings Graphs demonstrate visually the actual and projected fuel savings in USD over various time ranges.
  3. Our Project Management Punch Task Lists include those projects that we are currently working on in addition to our Power Plant Management Duties. Often times these projects include Design Upgrades, Ongoing Construction, River Pump / Generator Installations and Repairs, Special Plant Maintenance Projects, Switchgear Repair, Modifications and Engine Overhauls.
  4. The Weekly Power Plant Work Report allows USP&E Power Plant Staff to effectively and proactively communicate with Site Management our specific power plant accomplishments and weekly objectives.
  5. Our Urgent Spares Required Report lists parts that need to be ordered. This spreadsheet tracks Client Part Number, Bin Number, and USP&E Part Number, Unit Costs, Estimated Freight Charge, Estimated Delivery, Engine Spec Number and Position Number.
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