USP&E's Parts Ordering, Online Inventory Management Reporting & Cost Savings Capabilities

Whether you are managing a few machines or an entire fleet, you need quick access to the right parts. USP&E's Online Parts Store System gives you the freedom to manage the spares you have, order additional spares quickly and track existing orders efficiently - saving thousands of dollars per year. Through our interactive parts inventory management website that is customized to show you real-time inventory levels of spare parts at your facility, USP&E can facilitate and streamline:

  • Ordering
  • Shipping Logistics & Receiving
  • Invoice Reconciliation
  • Inventory Audits and Reporting

Each of USP&E's Onsite Power Plant Teams take full responsibility to inventory, order, stock and refresh all parts at your facility。 In order to do this, each of our Lead Generator Technicians, in conjunction with USP&E's Global Supply Chain Management Department, work to offer each client world class service related to:

  • USP&E Service Information System (USIS) - Caterpillar, Cummins, Rolls Royce and Wartsila parts books containing over 1.5 million serial number-specific parts - online at your fingertips.
  • Fast-Tracked Global Supply Chain Management - Saving our clients millions per year, USP&E offers exclusive Fast Track Shipping and Logistics Services through hubs in Brussels, Houston and Perth to clients for consumable and spare parts.
  • Interactive Website - USP&E's clients view actual real-time spares inventory levels and recommended spares required lists with prices, shipping information, and an integrated procurement connection that allows our clients to achieve millions in transaction costs reductions, depending on current practices.
  • Efficiency - Real-time inventory reports maintained online allow your USP&E technicians to communicate with corporate, each other, our clients and our shipping logistics teams in order to provide precision reporting and proactive spares inventory management - reducing costly air freight requirements.
  • Instant Information - Real-time price and availability helps us make informed purchasing decisions even after business hours - online and with highly customized inventory controls.
  • Options - Alternate parts options such as remanufactured, dealer exchange and used are automatically displayed and available for purchase via your online USP&E Parts Store.
  • Tracking - Online order history, invoice review and remanufactured core status help you keep accurate records. Email order acknowledgements confirm your order and help you stay informed.
  • Cost Savings - All of these benefits can result in significant transaction cost savings.
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