Experience You Can Trust

Long ago, if you needed something fast, you could only buy from someone down the street - someone local, regardless of adequate supply or service. Those days are over. If you choose the right vendor, today's technological advances allow for high quality and extreme speed combined with significant cost savings, regardless of location.

For over 40 years, USP&E has been a global leader in new and used power generation systems and equipment。 We are known for our creative, efficient, and proactive approach to accommodating clients' power generation requirements。 Doing business in over 140 countries, we travel around the world to meet face-to-face with buyers, sellers and facility managers on multiple continents with different languages, cultures and customs。 We've grown our facilities in strategic locations in the Unites States since 1968。 Our sophisticated tools, streamlined processes, and large buying capacity mean reduced downtime and costs for our clients。 We have many years experience supporting clients beyond initial equipment sales, from setup and commissioning to ongoing expert power plant supervision。


We provide consistent products, services and support wherever your facilities are located。 When it comes to customer satisfaction, our 100% commitment to honesty, integrity and excellence is what drives customers back to us again and again。 USP&E is dedicated to growing our operations by positive word-of-mouth。 The bottom line is that, no matter the hour, no matter the deadline, we always put our client's needs ahead of our own。


We have state-of-the-art paved and enclosed warehousing, complete with docks, cranes, forklifts, and extensive inventory。 Our professional staff is trained in customer service protocol geared toward both domestic and international clients。 USP&E is designed and managed to exceed your expectations when it comes to repairs, maintenance, used generator inventory, expedited parts shipping, refueling and full turnkey installations。 We offer same-day order processing from small parts to large equipment。


Let our expertise save you as much as 20% per year in fuel oil, spare parts costs and asset life efficiencies. We KNOW the equipment we sell. Our Onsite Diesel Service and Maintenance Teams provide operational precision and detailed reporting. With many years in the field, our teams of professionally trained prime power service technicians have the experience, dedication and management skills required to maximize fuel efficiencies and asset life, while minimizing equipment failures. Whether working in South America or North West Africa, USP&E has the capability and resources to handle all your power plant maintenance and service needs so that you can focus on running your business.

Clients Around the Globe

USP&E has successfully completed turnkey installation, start up, maintenance and emergency repair projects in North America, Africa and around the World. Our Clients Include:

  • UPS
  • Continental Airlines
  • Red Cross
  • Cricket Communications
  • FEMA
  • BEC Engineering
  • State of Texas
  • Switch & Data Computer Rooms
  • Carlson Wagonlit Companies
  • AT&T
  • Mary Kay
  • Resolute Limited
  • USA Border Patrol
  • Mustang Cat
  • Petro Hawk
  • Magna Electric
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