Diesel Generators & Used HFO Generators & New Gas Turbine Sales - We Engineer Power Stations, Build HFO Power Plants and Sell Diesel Generators Worldwide

> Why Buy New or Used Diesel Generators, Mobile HFO Generators, Emergency HFO Generators, and GE Gas Turbines from USP&E?
  • USP&E has the absolute best pricing in the US on used Diesel Generators and Natural Gas Generators, Power Station Switchgear, Transformers, Gas Turbines and Solar Power Solutions.
  • We have successfully designed, installed and commissioned power stations in the most hazardous and challenging environments - and never been behind schedule or over budget. This is because we don't just sell equipment like so many others. We Engineer, Procure and Construct Power Stations (EPC) for our clients! We love what we do and have built our business on referals and repeat customers, it is our vision to the most TRUSTED supplier of power generation equipment and services in emerging markets!
  • With well over a decade selling, building, installing, and renting used diesel generators, HFO generators, and gas turbines our clients can leverage our endless expertise to find the solution that fully fits our client's power generation goals and expectations.
  • USP&E provides state of the art Peak Control and Fuel Efficiency Optimization products as well as consulting services for client's facilities in regions of the US, South America and Africa.
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