USP&E Diesel Generator Rental / Hire Services

USP&E Hire Generator Rental Packages are a perfect solution for short term relief during a rebuild, premature generator failure or just about any other power emergency. USP&E's HFO, diesel or gas generator fleet were purchased brand new and offer modest upfront and monthly installment payments to cover deployment, freight shipping charges and first month of power generation usage.
Our rental packages include the generator components and peripheral accessories as well as many additional generator options.

These containerized rental packages can be directly coupled to utility/mains and come fully featured with synchronizing/paralleling switchgear, HV and LV transformers, distribution cables and container stocked with all the generator spares you will need for your project. Our rental generator fleet is very versatile, can be used for almost any power application, and can be quickly shipped to any location worldwide. USP&E can customize the generator sets to meet any power application, and these rental units are perfect for emergency power outages.

Visit the links below for more information regarding our available
power station generator fleet.

» Sample Rental / Hire Project Design Parameters
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