USP&E Construction Services

USP&E has become an elite power generation services company around the globe。 Our strategy is primarily focused on power generator procurement, generator equipment sales and rental, generator equipment services, and power station and generator construction through our many industry affiliations。。 Throughout the years, our customers' requirements for additional power equipment services has transformed our company into an all-encompassing power generation services provider。 USP&E teams now work in remote regions around the world, providing professional consulting services, generator training, and operations and maintenance services。

With years of industry experience under our belt, coupled with a highly skilled staff, we have the expertise to implement integrated power generation solutions for our clients that meet or exceed their business needs. There's no challenge or obstacle that our expert teams can't overcome.

Our crews have the expertise to help you save millions of dollars on your next building project。 Using cost-effective solutions developed over the years, we always meet our client's expectations through unsurpassed professionalism and relentless dedication。 At USP&E, we specialize in mining, oil and gas, hospitality, data centers, medical, industrial, commercial, and municipal construction projects around the world。 Call us to find out more about USP&E's construction services or our other power generation services at 469-726-4780。

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